New Wednesday Night Rehearsal Location


The old high school is being torn down earlier then expected therefore the campus of the old high school is no longer “owned” by the school district and is now off-limits to students. Because of this, we no longer can use the practice field next to the school for Wednesday night rehearsals.

Here is our current plan that is being worked on for the next few weeks of Wednesday night rehearsals. The district is covering the cost to bus students and equipment and the rental of a field at the Victory Sports Park in North Ridgeville. We will have a lined football field in the outfield of the Baseball diamond (Field #3) The good news, the field has lights so we can rehearse into the evening and be able to see!

  • 5:15pm: Equipment Truck is arriving at the HS (we could use some help loading from 5:15-5:30)
  • 5:30pm: Equipment Truck leaves the HS, Bus arrives for students who need a ride.
  • 5:45pm: Bus leaves promptly for North Ridgeville
  • 6:00pm: Rehearsal begins
  • 8:45pm: Bus heads back to North Olmsted
  • 9:00pm: Bused students and equipment arrive back at School

Students have been given permission to drive themselves to the park. Parents can drop off and pick up at the park.

We have had many of us discussing options for what would be best for us to have as little impact to our rehearsal schedule so the band can continue having great shows, and be prepared for the rest of the season. Of all the options we have discussed, this seems to be the best. Is it optimal? No, but it will work. I am excited that we have a solution. If you are upset or angry that we cannot use our old field, please direct any concerns my way. This year is about flexibility in our new space and figuring out how to “Make it work!” This change caught us a little off guard as we thought we had the field for the entire season, but time is money and they are ready to move on to the next part of the project, which is bringing down the old school.

Thank you for understanding an supporting us this year, we are doing our best to make this one of our best seasons yet. As always when we try something new, this plan is subject to change and we will do our best to keep you informed.

See you at the game!

Erik Kalish
Director of Instrumental Music
North Olmsted High School