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Marching Band FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is not designed to replace the handbook. The handbook should be read by every new member and parent and reviewed on a yearly basis. This is just the place to find answers to the most common questions.

Band Camp:


1. What should the marchers bring to Band Camp?

Dry socks. Extra pair of shoes. Water. Snacks. Sunblock. Bug spray. Hat. Sunglasses. Rain Gear. Chapstick.

2. What should the marchers wear to Band Camp?

They practice rain or shine, cold or hot. So, depending on the weather: T-shirts, shorts, athletic shoes, socks. OR sweatshirt or sweater and jeans.


Friday Night Football Games:


1. Are the students allowed to stay at school on Fridays before the football games?

Yes, after school is out, the students are allowed to stay at the school. Keep in mind, however, that there isn’t any adult supervision nor is there food available. All school rules apply.

2. How come it takes so long for the students to leave the school after the games are over and they have returned to the school?

The students have to change their clothes, properly hang their uniform, return their uniform to the appropriate rack and put away their instruments before they can leave. We do have adult volunteers to assist in the process, but can always use more.

3. We’ve heard lots about after-game Band Parties. Who is there, who is invited and how long do the parties last?

All students are invited to attend the after game parties. The parties are after all football games and are hosted by Marching Band families. Seniors have first chance to sign up for the parties and the party list is in the Band Hall. Any parent is welcome to attend the parties. The parties end by midnight. It is asked that the students kick in $1 or $2 to help offset the cost. More information is available here.

Marching Band Performances:

1. Does the Marching Band perform in inclement weather?

Yes. The students should plan for all kinds of weather. If it cold and/or rainy, the layers are primary to keep them warm. It is best to keep the layers non-bulky. Under Armor or similar style layering works well. Warm but not bulky layers should be worn under the jackets and pants. Non-bulky gloves are good to tuck into a pocket. Socks, plastic bags and another pair of socks will assist in keeping feet warm and dry.

2. What if it is hot?

The students may wear their summer uniforms when it is hot. The Marching Director will let the students know through Charms and/or Remind about how they should dress. Also, the students should remember to drink lots of fluids when it is hot.

Other Info:

1. My family is having a financial issue, can my student still do Marching Band?

Of course….Just talk to Jen Ciresi, President of NOBOB.

2. Why is 100% attendance so important to the Marching Band?

The Marching Band activity is unique. Specific music, drill and section work is designed for each member of the group. Each member is dependent on the other members to be successful. Marching Band is the ultimate in TEAM sports. There are no reserves and no subs. Everyone is on all the time. The success of the band is directly related to every member being at every practice and every performance.

3. Where can I find the most current calendar information?

Calendar information is available on our website –

4. “The Word”? What is that?

“The Word” was a paper communication given to band members before every performance, game, or concert.  It has been largely replaced by in-class communication, Charms, the Remind service, or this website.

5. Pieces and Parts of band uniforms? I thought the band uniform is provided and kept at the school?

The band uniform jacket, pants and hats are stored in the Band Closet at NOHS. Each marcher is required to purchase and bring to every performance their spats, gloves, black socks and marching shoes. These items are provided at the beginning of Band season but are not stored in the Band Closet. Many students keep these items in their lockers so that they are ready for Inspection and prepared to be part of the performance each week.
The gloves and spats should be kept clean and can be washed carefully. The shoes should be free of mud and debris.

6. Inspection? What is Inspection?

Before a marcher can be part of any performance, they must pass inspection. Inspection is performed by the Band Director. Their shoes, spats and gloves must be clean. Their shoes and socks are to be the required style. If a marcher does not pass inspection, they will not participate at that performance. Non-participation will impact their class grade.

7. Chaperones? What is the chaperone’s role?

There is a great document on the website that discusses the job of chaperones.  Sign-ups for chaperone positions will normally be done through Sign-Up Genius.

8. I’ve read the section on Chaperones on the website. I can’t be there before the games but still want to help.

Not a problem. After the game and when you return to the school to pick up your marcher, come into the school to the Band Hall. You can help with inspecting the uniforms, making sure that the marchers have hung their uniforms properly, make note of any repairs that need to be made and assist in getting everything back into the Band Closet.

9. I can’t sew and don’t have much time but you keep asking for volunteers?

It takes literally thousands of hours to get the Marching Band through Band Camp, mandatory practices, onto the field and keeping them presentable throughout the season. Sewing is just one small thing. We need help collecting money, selling corn and pop at the North Olmsted Homecoming, the city’s “Boom” fireworks event, making sure that the uniforms are hung properly, assisting at concerts, working the concessions stands (not just Friday night but during JV games and Soccer) and during recognition events, etc. No matter your talents, we can use you. Opportunities will be posted through an email and Sign-Up Genius, which is why it is so important that we have your most current email address.

10. Recognition Events. Is there a dress code for the students?

There isn’t a dress code. However, most of the students use this is an opportunity to dress up. Rarely do any wear jeans to this event. Many of the boys wear dress shirts along with ties. The girls often wear dresses. Every student will be up on the stage at some point to be recognized. They like to shine and dress for the occasion.

11. How do the Band Parties work?

Families sign up to host the after-game Band Parties. Families of seniors get first shot for the parties. Some families co-host the parties. There are Band Parties after each game during the season. All parties start after the games end and the students have been released to leave the school. All parties end by midnight. More information is available on the Band Parties page.

12. Do the students in Band have to take private music lessons? And, where do we get the names of qualified teachers?

No, students do not have to take private lessons. But it is a good idea if they do so. There are many ways to find qualified teachers. You can ask the Band Directors for recommendations or ask the section leaders (or their parents) for the name of their private teacher or contact Baldwin Wallace University’s Conservatory Outreach for information about available teachers at this link.

13. Is there a directory of band members with phone numbers and emails?

Not at this time. Please be sure that the Director and NOBOB have your most current email(s) for both you and your marcher.