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Band Parties

Extend the Fun of Friday Nights

After football games on Friday nights, seniors team up to host a party for the entire band. These parties are a safe, clean and welcome place for your son or daughter. There is music, food, soda and plenty of fun for everyone. The parties are always well-chaperoned by parents. With a band of this size, however, the parties are expensive, so students are asked to donate at least $1 to defer the costs. The starting time of the parties is dependent upon the length and location of the games. The parties start after the game and last until about midnight. 

Hosting a Band Party

Band parties are great for the students and permit them a safe and fun outlet for all that extra Friday night energy.  With some help and good planning, it’s won’t be too hard on you, either.  The letter in the link below was used by the Whitehouses’ when they hosted a party a few years ago, and the neighborhood response was very positive. Use it, modify it, as you think appropriate.

 Band Party Letter (.doc format)

  • Band parties are considered official school functions, so all school rules apply.
  • Please do not plan to serve alcohol to the adults, as they are acting as chaperones.
  • It is a good idea to call the police station (on the non-emergency number) the day of your party to let them know you are hosting a band party, just so they are aware.
  • Parents serve as chaperones at the parties and any parent is welcome to chaperone at any time.
  • Band party chaperones do not sign up ahead of time.  They are not scheduled like we do for games or concession booths.  It’s generally a good idea to have at least four adults present, and it’s not uncommon for other parents to show up after the game.  If you are concerned you won’t have enough adults feel free to ask a couple friends or relatives.
  • All parties end at midnight, no matter what time they start.

Tips for Parents

  • Please remind your students to donate a couple of dollars for the pizza at the parties.  The people hosting the parties are paying for all the food and drink, so a little bit of help is appreciated.
  • If you are picking up your child, please be there by midnight.