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New Uniforms – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the background on this?

The North Olmsted Band and Orchestra Boosters (NOBOB) is charged with purchasing, maintaining and caring for the Band uniforms. Some people have told us that the uniforms are 32 years old, while others say 37 years old. We do have a Freshman Mom, NOHS 1980 graduate, who told us that she is sure that the hers was the first class to wear the current uniforms her senior year (1979/1980). In any event, the uniforms are old, cannot be replaced and, due to fabric fatigue, many are becoming impossible to repair.

We have identified the vendor. We have picked a design. We are now working hard to raise the necessary funds to replace our very old and battered uniforms.

How much does a uniform cost?

The design that we have chosen will cost $450 per uniform. While we currently have 100 students in Marching Band, in order to be prepared for future Band members, we need to purchase 150 uniforms.

Why are they so old?

Truly, we are very lucky. The uniforms are wool. Overall, they have lasted very well, including surviving the 1990 fire at the High School. However, over time, even wool will eventually give out.

Why haven’t you replaced them sooner?

For a long long time, we were able to replace the uniforms as needed. Unfortunately, we can no longer replace the custom jackets. Also, at its biggest, the Band had over 200 members. Therefore, we had a stockpile of jackets to use.

Why are you asking for money, doesn’t the school system supply the uniforms?

NOBOB purchases the uniforms and then “donates” them to the Board of Education. So, while the Board “officially” owns the uniforms, by the Boosters Regulations, the Boosters are responsible for the purchase, distribution and maintenance of the uniforms.

How much have you raised?

Currently, we have $32,500 raised, approximately 48% of what we need. Two years ago, we needed to replace the raincoats. The purchase of the raincoats was $15,000. The money for the raincoats came out of the same “uniform” account.

When do you hope to purchase the new uniforms?

In order to have the uniforms in time for the 2017/2018 school year, we need to have the order placed in January 2017.

What are you planning on doing with the old uniforms? Are you donating them?

We are not donating the jackets. Most are in such bad shape, other organizations wouldn’t want them. Since some of the trousers are newer, we will add those to our uniform inventory.

Some of the “retired” uniforms have been made into pillows. Let us know if you want to purchase one. The cost is $25 each. Any money raised from this effort will go into the Band Uniform Fund.

Some students have expressed an interest in purchasing their uniforms. Once the new uniforms are purchased AND have been delivered, we will work out a process to sell the old jackets. Any money raised from that effort will also go into the Band Uniform Fund.

So you are going to immediately start raising more money for the “next generation” of uniforms?

Absolutely! Hopefully, our planning will make it easier when these new uniforms will be replaced.

How can I donate?

We have worked with PayPal to set up an easy way to make donations to the Uniform Fund. We did consider a variety of “crowd funding” sites. After reviewing the various options, we decided that the fees charged were counter-intuitive to our purpose.

You can always send a check. If you want the funds to go to the Uniform Fund, please note it in the memo line. Checks can be made payable to “NOBOB” and sent to: North Olmsted High School, 27301 Butternut Ridge Road, North Olmsted, OH 44070.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Since NOBOB is a 501(c)(3) organization, any donations to NOBOB are tax deductible. This does not include the payment of required fees or events.

How else can I donate?

Share, share, share. Please let your family and friends know how they can make donations to the Band Uniform Fund. Emails, social media, family gatherings are great opportunities.

If you shop on Amazon, you can start your purchase to NOBOB receives a portion of each sale but you have to shop through the link.

If your employer does any kind of “matching” contributions, please let them know when you have made a donation. If your employer requires a confirmation of your donation, please let us know and we will provide it. Some employers also “match” donations directly related to the number of volunteer hours you have “contributed” to NOBOB. Again, if you need any verification, please let us know.

Ask any company that you regularly do business with for a donation. You may be surprised at how willing corporations are to donate. If you need a letter for back-up, please let us know.

All donations made will be acknowledged in the programs for the various Band events.