NOBOB does fundraising to support the wide array of activities and programs we are involved with.  Most of our fundraisers are of limited duration, such as candy sales, restaurant one-day events, etc.  We do have a couple of ongoing fundraisers that you can participate in all year long as part of your normal shopping,

  • AmazonSmile program.  This is a simple and automatic way for you to support NOBOB every time you shop, at no cost to you.  Read more.




FAQs About Fundraising

The primary purpose of North Olmsted Band and Orchestra Boosters (NOBOB) is to raise funds to support the student musicians who participate in the North Olmsted Schools Music Programs, including the music programs at the High School, Middle School, Chestnut, Maple and Pine Schools. This page answers some frequently asked questions regarding NOBOB’s fundraising efforts. Have a question not addressed here? Contact any officer of NOBOB for clarification.

What is the difference between “General” and “Student Account” fundraising?

We run two basic kinds of fundraisers: for General Funds and for Individual Student Accounts. General Fund fundraisers include funds earned through those programs marked for General Fund. General Fund fundraisers aim to raise a block of money that is used to provide for the general costs tied to the needs of the Marching Band, Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. They do not benefit any specific student, but rather the program as a whole.

Student Account fundraisers include those fundraising activities specifically earmarked for Student Accounts.  These events raise funds for individual students and/or their families. All or a portion of the funds raised goes to the student’s own account, and can be used for approved music education activities. A Malley’s candy sale, for example, may benefit the student’s account 100%.

Also, volunteering at designated fundraising activities may raise a set amount (say, $5) for the individual Student Account. Those activities will be identified in advance and all students (and their families) will have an equal opportunity to volunteer through SignUpGenius.

What are the Student Account funds spent on?

The Student Accounts are basically a means for students to earn money to offset their portion of the costs associated with the music programs, such as annual fees (i.e., cost of various uniform parts, drycleaning fees, etc.) and to assist in paying for music trips.

Are Student Account fundraiser proceeds refundable?

No. Money in Student Accounts cannot be used for any purpose other than specific musical activities and cannot be refunded. If a student leaves the music program with excess funds in the Student Account, those funds will be considered a donation to NOBOB and will be put into the general fund.

Can a student (or his/her parent) designate where the money in the Student Account gets applied to first?

All annual fees must be up-to-date before any funds can be applied to music trips.

Can a parent use the Student Account to pay NOBOB membership?

The cost for a NOBOB membership can be paid out of Student Accounts only after all the other annual fees are paid.

What do the “General” funds cover?

The General Fund covers the cost that would otherwise be passed along to the Parents/Guardians of the musicians. Some of these things are:

  • Marching Band Uniforms and Raincoats; Concert Band and Orchestra Tuxedos
  • Band Camp Activities
  • Feeding the Students at All City Band and Orchestra, Columbus Day Parade, Band Camp, etc.
  • Student Awards, Pins, Braids, and Plaques
  • Band Banquet and Spring Recognition
  • Marching Band Assistants
  • Director’s Funds for Intermediate, Middle and High School
  • A Portion of the Eaglets’ Uniforms
  • Dry Cleaning over and above Fees Paid by Students
  • Summer Picnics
  • Musicians/Clinicians that work with the Students
  • Scholarships given to Graduating Seniors
  • Costs Associated with the Spring Musical
  • Senior Banners and Senior Recognition Photos
  • Third Quarter Treats for both our Band Members and the Visiting Team’s Members
  • NOBOB Website and Charms System
  • Equipment not Covered by the School District to Aid the Program

It also covers the cost for one-time items. For example, in Spring 2015, NOBOB purchased the new raincoats for the Band. The cost for the raincoats was over $10,000. We are also annually setting aside money to purchase new Band uniforms. 

Does NOBOB provide financial aid to families for trips?

No child should be denied a chance to participate in Band/Orchestra because of money. Some of the expenses associated with Marching Band/Orchestra are optional. The Spring Trip, for example, while highly encouraged, is not a mandatory event.

For families that have multiple children in the program, NOBOB pays half the cost of one sibling for the trip. The families are required to pay initial costs and deposits.

In other instances, families may request some financial assistance to aid paying for a “music” trip. Financial assistance is available for only one trip during a student’s participation in the Band/Orchestra while at NOHS. For example, if a student was provided assistance for the 2014 New York trip, they would not be eligible for assistance for the 2016 Disney trip.

The other requirements for financial assistance include:

  • Band/Orchestra fees must be paid or arrangements for payment must be made prior to receiving any financial assistance
  • Membership in NOBOB
  • Volunteering at NOBOB sponsored activities. There are many opportunities to volunteer for a variety of skills and time schedules. Notification of volunteer opportunities are made via email and sign-ups are done through SignUpGenius. If you are not getting these notifications, please provide your email address to the NOBOB President.

How else can we support NOBOB?

NOBOB is a 501(c)(3) organization. Check with your employer to see whether it does matching donations. If so, any donations, including dues, would be eligible for matching funds.

Anyone can donate to NOBOB easily and conveniently on our website shopping page

If you shop on Amazon, NOBOB is part of “Amazon Smile” ( search for “North Olmsted Band and Orchestra Boosters). AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to NOBOB for your eligible purchases.