Hi All,

Plenty of opportunities this week to pitch in and lighten the load for others. We have the first annual pizza cook off at the stadium on 9/18. We will start serving pizza at 5 until the game begins at 7. If you can come lend a hand, let me know.

There are slots available to chaperone the marching band for Friday night. If you have never done so, this is a really fun way to spend the game. You get into the game for free, and get a front row seat for the band’s activities. If you are concerned about signing up because of the early arrival conflicting with your job, please let me know. We are flexible on the start time as long as some parents are there to help at the beginning.

There are slots still open in the booth. Concessions is our main fundraiser, and Homecoming is one of our busiest games. The more hands we have to help out, the easier it is. Once again, if the early start is an issue, let me know. We can work around most conflicts.



This is the last week for the sale of band photo buttons. Orders already placed should be picked up tonight. You can still have buttons made if you didn’t order any, as we took a photo of every student. Stop by the school during rehearsal tonight if you are interested.

Thanks for all you do!

— Mrs. Schalk