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We are in need of a few volunteers to help us with fitting the Orchestra and Concert Band students for their tuxedos and dresses. We are trying to take care of it a little bit earlier this year so that the students will have their concert attire in time for […]

REMINDER: Two Buckets Tickets

All money and unsold tickets to the Wings and Things Fundraiser are due NO LATER than October 2nd. Money can be turned in on Wednesday nights during rehearsal and extra tickets for sale are also available that night! Don’t forget there will be a top seller winner as well as […]

More Signup Opportunities!

Thank you to everyone who has been busy volunteering so far this year! It has been great to meet so many new parents, and of course, to see the smiling faces of the “usual suspects.” Listed below are links for some new volunteer opportunities. These can also be found on […]