St. John’s Festival of the Arts

Hi All,

First off, I want to thank everyone for their great participation in the Bicentennial Fireworks event. All of our shifts are currently filled.

We have SEVERAL open slots for the next event which is Parking Attendants at the St. John Westshore Arts Festival. We collect the money that the hospital charges for parking, and in turn they make a generous donation to NOBOB. We use this money to fund a variety of things our students do. As this is a trip year for marching band, we are putting $5.00 into a student’s individual account for every shift staffed on their behalf. That means if you and 3 of your family members volunteer for a single shift, the student will get $20.00 in their account to use towards fees, uniforms, or the upcoming trip. The expectation is that each student will volunteer at one of this summer events. The link to the sign up page for the arts festival is:

Please sign up if you are available. If we do not fill all the shifts, St. Johns will be forced to call a second charitable group to fill in our gaps, and we will have to share our proceeds with that group. The shifts are not long, and the work is not hard.

Thank you for all you do!!!
Please contact me with any concerns/questions.

Teri Schalk