Notes for This Wednesday

Concert Formal Wear

If your student needs a new tux shirt or has not been measured for a tux shirt or is a veteran marcher and needs a new tux shirt, they need to be measured this Wednesday, October 11 between 5:30 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.

If your student has not been measured for a concert dress, they absolutely need to do it by Wednesday, October 11.

A Band/Orchestra Fee Form is available at this link. Thanks so much to all of you have paid these fees. If you have not paid the fees, please do so promptly (you can pay them online if you like). If you cannot afford to pay the fees at this time and would like to make payment plan, please contact Mary Lynn Jackowicz (workdays: 216-586-7399) or in the Music Hall on Wednesday evenings.

  • Cleaning fees are required for all students, except girls in Orchestra, who are wearing concert dresses.
  • Males in Band/Orchestra: $45
  • Males in Orchestra only, wearing tuxes: $15.00
  • Females in Band only: $30.00
  • Females in Band/Orchestra, who are wearing a tux: $45.00
  • Females in Orchestra, who are wearing a tux: $15.00

Two Bucks Fundraiser

The Two Bucks Fundraiser has always been a fun event. NOTE: 21 and older only. The cost is $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Tickets can be held at the door for the cost of $20.
Please keep in mind that every ticket sold by a Band/Orchestra family generates $5 into the student account. The money in student accounts can be used for trips, fees and membership in NOBOB.

Tickets were distributed and the money for ticket sales should be turned in by Wednesday, October 11. If you have unsold tickets, please return them.

We are also still in need of raffle items. We are having regular raffle baskets but also a couple of special baskets: Gift Cards, Beer/Wine and Liquors. If you wish to donate an item to be put in any baskets, please drop them off in the Music Hall this Wednesday, October 11, between 5:30 and 8:15.

Coupon Book pickup

Coupon Books need to be picked up this Wednesday, October 11, between 5:30 and 8:15.
If you have not returned your coupon book and order form, please do so. If the book is not returned, the $20 cost will need to be paid.

Kickin’ it with Kenny

If you missed watching Fox 8 in the Morning on Friday, clips of the Marching Band’s performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame can be seen at Enjoy.

Wednesdays in the Music Hall

Do you see a theme here? Wednesdays in the Music Hall during Band season is the place to be!!! There are always parents available to answer questions, measure, sew and learn all about what is going on with the music program.