Happy Band Camp Week

Hello All,


I’m very excited for the start of band camp, and I hope your students are too!  Some things to think of:  If you have not yet turned in any forms, etc…they are all available for download on www.eaglemusic.org. This webpage is a fantastic resource for all things band and orchestra, and I highly recommend visiting it frequently.  The annual band camp trip to Swings and Things is Wednesday night, and costs $15.00.  I know some of the earlier handouts stated $9, but that fee was for just “riding” in go-carts, not driving.  If you have only sent in the $9, please send in the remaining money by Tuesday.


We are providing dinner for the students on Friday, August 8 as part of their evening activities. We are asking for a $3 donation from the students if possible, to help cover the large amounts of them eating.    We are also asking for donations of baked goods for dessert.  These can be delivered any time on Friday.  We will be having a taco bar again, as the students seemed to enjoy that last year, and it covered all ranges of eating preferences.  Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help with that event.  I look forward to seeing you all Friday.


Here is the link to SignUp Genius.  It is our primary method of organizing volunteers for events.  The first list I have established is for our booth on the midway at the North Olmsted Homecoming Festival.  This is a great event for our organization.  We sell roasted corn and drinks, and need parents to staff the booth at all times.  Please consider signing up for a shift or two to help us out.  I will be sending out more of these links in the very near future for shifts at our concessions booths during both boys and girls soccer, and jv and varsity football.  Concessions is our biggest money maker.  If we properly staff these booths, we have very little need for other fundraisers throughout the year.  I ask that you try to work one or two shifts throughout this fall season, so that the burden is spread evenly among us all.  I will also be sending out sign-ups for chaperones for the football games in this same manner.

Our first NOBOB meeting is on August 11, at 7pm in the small meeting room at the North Olmsted Library.  Please come!  We would love to see you all there!  We will post the calendar of all other meeting times on the website shortly.


I am sure I am forgetting tons of things, but I am also sure I will be emailing again during the week, so hopefully we’ll cover it all soon!


As usual, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, and concerns. Call, text or email, whatever is easiest for you.  I will be working during the mornings of camp. but I will try to respond ASAP.  I know this is a busy, crazy, and exciting week for us all, and if I can help ease the chaos in any way let me know.


Thanks for all you do!