Daily Email Update

Email List Clarification

At the January 13th NOBOB meeting I explained that subscribers to the site’s email list would receive a daily update summarizing all blog posts in the previous 24 hours.  That is true, but the details of how that process works may cause some confusion.

The daily email is not an instant update when a new blog post appears.

The MailChimp server scans our blog at 3AM every morning looking for posts made on the previous day.  Anything that was posted in that time period is summarized and sent out in the email update, which is now scheduled to be delivered to your inbox at 7AM.  If there were no new posts the server will not send you an email.  Keep in mind that if someone writes in a blog post “be sure to attend tonight’s meeting” that message won’t be picked up until 3AM the following day, so the morning summary will appear to be a day late but is actually working as designed.

NOBOB will try to get things on the blog in a timely fashion, but for up-to-the-minute information you should check the eaglemusic.org site itself.

— David Furin