Coin Wars

I just wanted to let the parents know (since the children don’t always remember to share…) we currently have “Coin Wars” going on. There are various teams — by section(s) — who are competing to collect the most money in coin form. All the members of the winning team will get to put whipped cream pies in Mr. Kalish’s face at the end of the Sounds of the Season concert on November 1st. The students are able to put coins in their team jar on Wednesday and Friday evenings when the Band Moms are available. The last day for this will be Friday, October 30th. They are also able to sabotage another team by adding paper money to the appropriate jar. Coins add to the total, while paper money subtracts.

Also, we have openings for Chaperones for some of the upcoming football games. If you can help out, please sign up here.

Thanks for all your help!


~~ Lynne Furin