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Candy Sale Update

Hello candy sellers!

We are getting a very high demand of people who are selling the Malley’s Chocolate Bars to want more and more boxes to sell. I am pleased to announce that we already have sold over $2000.00 of candy in two weeks! However we have over $5000.00 of candy out and about being sold right now. If you have sold your box and are waiting to bring the money in, please don’t. The more money we get back in, the more bars we can purchase to sell. So please bring the $$ back as soon as you sell a box, we need the cash to keep getting more boxes from Malley’s to sell.

We are currently out of boxes for students to check out, since we have 140 boxes currently in motion to be sold. Please bring the money in and we can keep an inventory going.

Thank you,
Mr. Kalish